Foreign Student Interviews

Foreign Student Interviews

Major: Graphic Design Country: China

After graduating from junior high school in Shanghai, I studied graphic design at a technical school and worked in graphics for 4 years after graduation. I came to Japan to experience new things. This year I was admitted to the university art department. After that I want to either work in design in Japan or become a teacher and teach about new design concepts foreign to China.

Major: Comics Country: Taiwan

I drew comics for a long time while working at an art related job in Taipei.
I put out self published comics and had a website.
Now I am right in the middle of my graduation piece.
I don’t want to make comics where the words explain everything.
I want to draw comics that have a wealth of information imbued into each picture.

Name: Thomas De Winter
Major: Visual Design Country: Belgium

I liked to look at posters and advertisements even from the time when I was in Belgium.
I would always look at them thinking, “if it were me, I’d do it this way...” When I was 19 years old, I came to Japan for one year as a foreign exchange student, and totally fell in love with it.
There are times when I am working on a school project and I just forget the flow of time around me.
During those times, I really feel that I am “into design”!

Name: Chalermchai Jeerapan
Major: Interior Design Country: Thailand

I worked in an interior design job in Bangkok.
I came to Japan because when I visited during college I was very stimulated by the country.
I am interested in universal design.
For example, what kind of environment is comfortable for a person living in a wheelchair?
I would like to be able to work in that kind of a design job.

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Foreign Student Interviews

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