Alumni Activities

Alumni Activities
Top Creators from NDS

NDS has produced many exceptional graduates since its establishment. Here are just a few of the top creators from NDS who are active in a variety of arenas.



HUSMA/cyocun Tadashi Koiwahara

Graduated Visual Design Course in March 2006 / Attended Nagano Prefectural Hotaka Commercial High School

Born in January 1986, from Nagano Prefecture. Grew up as child without any particular artistic talent or knowledge of design. Learns the enjoyment of designing through creating homepages while helping out in the family business supermarket. Enrolled in NDS with a strong desire to learn more. Spent days stimulated by classmates, visuals and graphics, and even while being scolded for missing classes, enjoyed creating favorite things. After graduation, planned to become a web designer but became enamored with the fun of programming and became an engineer. While creating various websites, also participates in a wide range of activities such as travelling in and outside of Japan as an artist for the Magical Art Museum exhibitions, and holding the UNFRAME Exhibition each year with colleagues.

  • Ear Hack Shooter
    By pulling the trigger of a shooter with a directional speaker embedded inside, it emits various environmental sounds such as mosquito buzzing sounds or mobile phone ringtones which in turn creates a fake illusion for the viewer in the line of the muzzle.
    2017 UNFRAME exhibition works
    ©︎ tadashi KOIWAHARA & masanori MIYAMOTO
  • Hold Hands Tree
    Created under the theme of "LOVE," an illumination tree that glows when people hold hands. Appearing like a regular tree at first glance, the illumination of the tree changes depending on the strength of the grasp which is detected by the special gloves with built-in sensors.
    2016 UNFRAME exhibition works
    ©︎ tadashi KOIWAHARA @ shiiho FURUKAWA
  • KIRIN 365 FLOWERS by Tanrei Green Label
    A definitive edition of a birth flower dictionary that expresses birth flowers with animation for 365 days as a promotion measure for the Tanrei Green Label that delivers a pleasantly refreshing and delicious taste. Flowers dance happily with Mr. Paul Cox's illustration.
    ©Kirin Brewery Company, Limited



TITLE-AYA Ayano Otsuki

Graduated Visual Design Course (formerly: Multi-Media Design Course) in March 2001 / Attended Saitama Municipal Omiya Kita High School

Born in 1981, from Saitama Prefecture. Became interested in movie CG in high school and enrolled in NDS to study visuals. After graduating, joined Malin Post-Production as a title designer. Became an independent freelancer in 2005 and has since been involved in designing main titles, captions, credit rolls for movies and TV, and VFX productions. Major works include "Attack on Titan" (2015), "Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence)" (2016), "Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon" (2017), "Peach Girl" (2017), etc.

  • "Ajin: Demi-Human"
    ©2017 Motion Picture "Ajin" Production Committee
    ©Gamon Sakurai/Kodansha
  • "Let's Go Jets"
    ©2017 Motion Picture "Let's Go Jets" Production Committee
  • "Your Lie in April"
    ©2016 Fuji Television/Kodansha/Toho
    ©Naoshi Arakawa/Kodansha
  • "My Teacher"
    ©Kazune Kawahara/Shueisha
    ©2017 Motion Picture "My Teacher!" Production Committee



ZNEM Co., Ltd. Atsushi Koido

Graduated Graphic Design Course in March 2011 / Attended Kanagawa Prefectural Sakae High School (formerly: Kanagawa Prefectural Konandai High School), Tokai University

After graduating from the Graphic Design Course, worked at an advertisement production company, and then, joined ZNEM Co., Ltd., as a graphic designer mainly focused on space design. At the same time, has also been freelancing and has worked on the key visual for the "2015 NHK Trophy", spatial graphics for "Shaun the Sheep Family Farm", and the logo of "Thomas Land" at Fuji-Q Highland.

  • IWAISAKI NATURAL SALT / Great East Japan Earthquake Kesennuma Reconstruction Support
  • KAKEGAWA CHAENNALE / Art Festival PR video
  • SHINKIBA UMIDOKO PROJECT / Logo design, website design



THROUGH Tsuyoshi Otsu

Graduated Evening Graphic Design Course in March 2004 / Attended Gifu Prefectural Ogaki-Kita High School / Aichi University, Faculty of Economics

Currently living in Gifu Prefecture as an art director/designer. After gaining experience as a web designer at production companies in Tokyo and Nagoya, became independent and founded THROUGH in Gifu Prefecture in 2010. Aims to enhance brands by creating a consistent brand design such as logo, business cards and pamphlets based on the company website, through carefully listening to and discussing the needs and goals with the clients. Was selected in the "NIPPON 47 2015 GRAPHIC DESIGN" (d 47 MUSEUM). Featured in "Nihongo Logo 2," "Design Note No. 64," "Typography 08."

    Packaging design
    Logo, pamphlet, website design and production
  • Aletta Uovo
    Logo, menu, shop card, drink coasters
    Website design
  • Mitake-cho Relocation Exchange & Child Care Support Portal Site
    Website design



STONE Toshinori Baba

Graduated Graphic Design Course in March 2010 / Attended Saitama Prefectural Fukaya High School

After graduating from the Graphic Design Course, participates in the launch of the original Tee shirt brand ARTON with a "communication" theme. Until 2014, was involved in the services within the brand, interior decoration and products, and all designs and directions. Joining STONE in March 2015, has been involved in the production of many advertisements and package designs. Currently remains in the search of a wide, deep and creative design.

    Package Design
    Package Design



Mitsuo Shindo

Graduated Graphic Design Course

Established Mitsuo Shindo & Associates in 2011. Has produced many CD jacket designs for artists such as Yumi Matsutoya, Pizzicato Five, Mr. Children, MISIA, Kyohei Tsutsumi and AKB48, etc. Recent works include the brand logo designing of KEITA MARUYAMA, ad design of "LAPLUME" (Samantha Thavasa), TV-CF "Ryuichi Sakamoto Version" for Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd., TV-CF for "XSOL," poster for the "Smart Life Project" for The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, etc. Active in a wide range of areas, including visual works such as movies, MVs, CMs, etc., stage direction, direction of store displays, etc. Also involved in many social work initiatives.

  • "Yumi Matsutoya/The Gates of Heaven"
    CD Jacket
  • "My Little Lover/evergreen"
    CD Jacket
  • "Mr. Children/Shinkai"
    CD Jacket
  • "Southern All Stars/Umi no Yeah!!" 
    CD Jacket
  • "AKB48/Green Flash"
    CD Jacket



Central67 Yutaka Kimura

Graduated Graphic Design Course in March 1988

After graduating from the Graphic Design Course, became independent after working in the Design Department, CBS Sony. Founded Central67 in Shimokitazawa in 1995. In charge of art direction and promotion video production of numerous artists such as Spitz, Ringo Sheena, Kaela Kimura, Superfly, Fishmans and Akai Ko-en. Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2015 Music Jacket Awards, and Secondary Prize at the 2016 awards.

  • "Sekai No Owari/RAIN"
    CD Jacket
  • "Gesu no Kiwami Otome/Daruma Ringo"
    CD Jacket
  • "Noah's Ark/Boku no Lyric no Boyomi"
    CD Jacket
  • "Superfly/WHITE"
    CD Jacket
  • "Ringo Sheena/Gyakuyunyū: Kōwankyoku" CD Jacket
    Winner of the Grand Prize at the 2015 Music Jacket Awards



Creative Team decoboco Shinya Yamada

Graduated Graphic Design Course in March 2011

From Hyogo prefecture. Creative director/designer. Worked as a designer at a web production company while still in school. After graduation, works as the art director at BS Asahi, TV Asahi involved in the production of program advertisements and websites. Became independent in 2014 as the representative of "Creative Team decoboco" where he had been active from earlier on. Focused on website production, also creates various designs such as pamphlets, posters, business cards and logo marks.

  • Huis Ten Bosch
    "Odaiba Water Park" campaign site
  • nissin
    "GOROTTO Granola" campaign site
  • Asahi
    "Mitsuya Cider Design Contest" campaign site
  • Seibu Railyway
    "2016 Halloween" campaign site



Standard Corp. Kouta Ujihara

Graduated Interior Design Course in March 2000 / Attended Tokyo Metropolitan Chitose High School

After graduating from the Interior Design Course, joined an office interior design office specializing in foreign companies. By being involved in the designing the offices of foreign companies, becomes influenced by the high level of the blueprints, interior design, presentations and the construction, and this experience becomes the basis of his perspective of work. Currently works at Standard Corp., which operates restaurants and other facilities, and handles store designs which had been his goal as a student. Also places importance in making adjustments in compliance to the Building Standards Act and the Fire Service Act that are requirements for designs and store productions.

  • JOYSOUND Shinagawa Konan Exit/Front Desk
  • JOYSOUND Shinagawa Konan Exit/Façade
  • JOYSOUND Shinagawa Konan Exit/Lady's Room
  • JOYSOUND Shinagawa Konan Exit/Party layout



Space Design Office BAKUDAN Fugai Chou

Graduated Interior Design Course in March 2012 / Attended Aletheia University (Taiwan), Department of Applied Japanese

After graduating from the Interior Design Course in 2012, joined the Space Design Office BAKUDAN. Main works so far include "ONE PIECE Mugiwara Store," "ONE PIECE Grand Arena Tour," "Masami Kurumada Museum," "PreCure Pretty Store," and others. Also involved in exhibition booths including the "TOKYO MOTOR SHOW Honda Motor Company Booth." Dreaming of the day that his designs will become world famous, continues to study everyday.

  • NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL)
    Entrance renovation
  • Honda Motor Company booth
    ©45th. TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2017
  • ONE PIECE Mugiwara Store Osaka
    ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha
    ©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji Television/Toei Animation
  • Yupiteru IT-PALETTE Shizuoka




Graduated Graphic Design Course in March 2006

After working for an advertisement design company, became a freelancer. Regularly holds solo exhibitions, presenting works such as "PORTER," "CAROL," and "Hidamari Asobi (Playing in the Sun)." Participates in solo exhibitions at Shinjuku FEWMANY twice a year, Shibuya Loft POPBOX and Design Festa among others. Mainly works on illustration productions of mobile contents and designs for the Marui EPOS Card. Her concept is "one story for each character." To express the characters' world perspective, she produces picture books and holds solo exhibitions.

  • "Bakeneko Kaiju NEGORA" capsule toy by Epoch Co., Ltd.
  • iPhone case
  • Masking tape
  • Tote bags
  • Pencil pouches
  • Postcards

Character designer


Masayuki Kondo

Graduated Graphic Design Course in March 2005

Creator of the monster designs of "Monster Strike." In charge of the production and supervision of the illustrations of the monsters appearing in the anime and app. After graduation, joins the Nagoya studio of Game Republic Inc. As the designer, was involved in the development of consumer games such as character model production. Participated in the production of "Monster Strike" as a designer before its release, and worked on creating characters such as Arthur and Izanami. Currently belongs to XFLAG PICTURES. Art Director and Monster Designer for "Monster Strike THE MOVIE."

  • Mobile game app "Monster Strike" Character
  • "Monster Strike" Original soundtrack
  • "Monster Strike THE MOVIE" Character



Nagare Kawayama

Graduated Graphic Design Course in March 2006 / Attended Saitama Prefectural Asaka-Nishi High School

After graduating from the Graphic Design Course, has gained popularity being in charge of illustrations magazine "SS" (Asuka Shinsha), and their issues of "Creating monochrome with fine-liner pens and tone-pens," "Character Course," "39th Cover Illustration," etc. Illustrates a colorful, unique view of the world mainly using watercolors. Also active in a wide range of fields other than illustration productions, such as participating in group exhibitions, publishing creative illustration books, and the production and sales of goods.

  • "meets"
  • "Tada sokoni arishi sonzai"
  • "Rika-shonen" (Science Boy)
  • SS Vol. 39 (Asuka Shinsha) cover illustration



Sena Tenryoji

Graduated Manga Course in March 2012

Mainly focusing on the production of illustrations for online card-game apps, also handles cover illustrations such as "Hana no Otome no Ginban Renbu" (author: Amane Yoshida), "Shikirei no Mori Gusha no Yakusoku" (author: Kazuki Ichida), and "Hisshu SAI Master" (author: Oblagon).

  • ©Axel Mark
    "Tenkuu no Legion" illustration
  • ©Kabe Don Kareshi〜KABE KARE〜
    "Do S Joushi to Shucchou hen/caerux"
  • TEAS Studio (author)/Published by Hobby Japan Co., Ltd.
    "Moeru! Sacred Weapons Encyclopedia"
  • ©Amane Yoshida, Sena Tenryoji/Kodansha
    "Hana no Otome no Ginban Renbu"
    X Bunko White Heart (Kodansha)
    Author: Amane Yoshida/Illustrations: Sena Tenryoji
  • ©Kazuki Ichida, Sena Tenryoji/Kodansha
    "Shikirei no Mori Gusha no Yakusoku"
    X Bunko White Heart (Kodansha)
    Author: Kazuki Ichida/Illustrations: Sena Tenryoji
  • ©oblagon ©SB Creative Corp.
    "Hisshu SAI Master"
    Oblagon Co., Ltd. (author)
    Published by SB Creative Corp.
    Cover Illustration/Sena Tenryoji
    Nagare Kawayama



Emi Ishikawa

Graduated Manga Course in March 2006 / Completed Manga Special Course, Manga Artist Development Major in 2007 / Attended Saitama Prefectural Kumagaya Commercial High School

Made a debut with "Lion Heart" which won the 56th Ribon Newcomer Manga Award Honorable Mention Prize. Ran a serial "Zekkyō Gakkyū (Screaming Lessons)" in Monthly Ribon (Shueisha) and released a complete set of 20 volumes. In 2013, "Zekkyō Gakkyū (Screaming Lessons)" was turned into a live-action film and in 2014, was awarded the 59th Shogakukan Manga Award (Children's Manga Category). Currently, runs a serial "Zekkyō Gakkyū: Tensei (Screaming Lessons: The Sequel)" in Monthly Ribon and has published 6 volumes. Other comics include "Ushiro no Hikaruko-chan," complete set of 2 volumes.

  • Ribon July Edition (Shueisha)
  • "Screaming Lessons: The Sequel" Vol. 1-6
    ©Emi Ishikawa/Shueisha
  • ©Emi Ishikawa
    "Screaming Lessons Vol. 17" Paperback books (Shueisha)
    Winner of the 59th Shogakukan Manga Award (Children's Manga Category)! The Shogakukan Manga Award is intended for works that have been published in magazines, books and newspapers in the past year, and is awarded to new or serialized works. Categories are separated into children's, sho-nen (boys), sho-jo (girls), and general, and the best work in each are presented the Shogakukan Manga Award. The award was established in 1955 and past winners include renowned manga artists such as Osamu Tezuka, Fujio Fujiko, and Shotaro Ishinomori.
  • "Ushiro no Hikaruko-chan Vol. 1-2"
    ©Emi Ishikawa/Shueisha



Makoto Yoshimoto

Graduated Manga Course, Design Research Department in March 2002

In June 2006, won the honorable mention award in the 58th Shogakukan Newcomer Comic Grand Prize Awards with "Yumecha!." From February 2010, ran a short-term serial "Buchikamashi!" in Bessatsu KoroKoro Special (Shogakukan). Started the running of the serial "Usotsuki! Gokuo-kun: A small lie is useful in some cases" from August 2011 in Bessatsu KoroKoro Special (Shogakukan), later to run in "Monthly KoroKoro Comic" (Shogakukan), and currently 14 comic volumes are on sale. Won the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award (Children's Manga Category) with "Usotsuki! Gokuo-kun: A small lie is useful in some cases."

  • KoroKoro Comic May Edition (Shogakukan)
  • "Usotsuki! Gokuo-kun: A small lie is useful in some cases" Vol. 1-14
  • Winner of the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award (Children's Manga Category)!




Graduated Evening Manga Course in March 2007 / Attended Saitama Prefectural Kuki Hokuyo High School

Winning second place in the Young Jump MANGA Grand Prix, debuts with "Delivery Cinderella." Starts to run a serial "Delivery Cinderella" in Weekly Young Jump (Shueisha) from January 2010, and has released 11 comic volumes. Later, started running the serial "Hare-Kon." in Weekly Young Magazine (Kodansha) with 15 comic volumes currently on sale.

  • "Delivery Cinderella -Repeat-"
  • "Hare-Kon." 1-15
    ©NON 2017
  • ©Kodansha
  • Kita-Ibaraki City Isohara Futatsushima Beach poster